Art CV



Sharon Verrall is an artist living and working in Kilkenny, Ireland.  She studied Fine Art at Crawford College of Art & Design Cork and was awarded a BA (Hons) degree in painting in 2000.  That year she won the National Iontas Student Award, and her work went on tour nationwide including Sligo Art Gallery and Ormeau Baths Gallery Belfast. She was awarded a visual art bursary from Wexford County Council in 2001 which helped to fund her first solo exhibition.

Her current work takes two strands – one focuses on the creation of Artist’s Books combining an appreciation for the visual/tactile object and the form of the written word, and the other focuses on the creation of paintings relating to memory and inner remembrances of deeply felt landscapes of the past through layering techniques using oil, cold wax and gesso.

Her poetry has been published in various publications including the Stony Thursday Book, Shamrock Haiku Journal and the British Haiku Journal Presence, and she was shortlisted for the Bradshaw Books Poetry Manuscript Competition.  She has been a member of various writing groups and workshops.  Her current work focuses on the ever-evolving creation of Haiku – that tiny elusive object, so subtle and yet so complex!

‘My work spins around a central axis which is essentially a Zen aesthetic – focusing the mind on the transient nature of the phenomenal world to create a beautiful object.  This object hopefully speaks to the viewer of the ephemeral beauty inherent in all things imperfect and impermanent.’

The joy of the creative process never wanes.


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